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Los Gatos Craftsman Style Garden

This craftsman style new home in Los Gatos, California will be built on a 5600 square foot lot and will feature native woodland plants. Although the owners do want some mowed lawn play areas, we will be using a greywater system, which uses water form the shower and laundry to water the lawns. All stormwater will be retained onsite through pervious paving systems and roof downspouts that connect to percolation pits. Since the existing home will be demolished to make way for the new, another key aspect of the design is re-using onsite materials such as flagstone and concrete to divert waste from the landfill.


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Conceptual Masterplan 1 Conceptual Masterplan 2 Front elevation of the proposed home Greywater from the showers and laundry will water the lawn. Native woodland plants will create a charming shade garden. Stacked vegetable beds will be built from re-used concrete.